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Work Space BdL_Kirchberg

The location of the project was the art gallery of the bank designed by Jean Michel Wilmotte. The bank used to run high end shows and exhibitions together with the temporary MUDAM museum of modern art of Luxembourg. When the museum quit the place for its definitive location in the I.M. Pei museum, thumb the bank decides to install a bank agency in the gallery.

The concept was to create a 3 dimensional structure that evokes sculptural gesture linked to the original purpose of the place and to use the capacity of this structure to integrate all the different function of a retail bank in one expression. The module (35×35) of the structure is based on the previous grid and geometry  in order to create some kind of logical progression.

All the elements of the existing place are made out of matt natural elements like stone wood and plaster. In order to create contrast, the use of one shiny, gloss, metallic and color changing paint has been utilized to treat the finishing of the structure. The structure if made out of 14000 different shapes of light plywood boards assembled with invisible magnetic screws. The value of the architectural element was strengthened by a led lighting.
Scale of the surface: 500 m2

Associated whit Moreno Architecture et Associes

Photography: Banque de Luxembourg