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Discovery Gallery « Ribbon »_ArcelorMittal

The Discovery Gallery is a permanent exhibition created to tell the story of steel. A material that is both ancient and modern, order through everything which concerns it: from industrial processes, research, application, reuse, its characteristics and possibilities for processing, to the more creative solutions and the most advanced techniques.Possessing great emotional and strong visual impact between contemporary language and hints of tradition, the project is articulated around the main element of the « Ribbon ». In a simple and creative set design, the common thread between the content of the exhibition and the visitor is shown by the deployment of a « Ribbon » made of steel. Its ripple develops and supports various multi-purpose spaces. It slips, it envelops, it levitates while the visitors discover. The running « Ribbon » which is a painted metal sheet of 240 meters long,  0,05 meters wide and 4 millimetres thick, creates multipurpose spaces: a living presence which insinuate itself, envelopes the environment, raises and modifies its functions – from a décor to support, becoming a furnishing element, such as a reception desk and seatings, to finally scenography. The « Ribbon » evokes the laminated steel industry, and creates the continuity between its different spaces and functions.
Scale of the surface: 900 m2

Associated whit Moreno Architecture et Associes

Photography: Catherine Thiry / Andrés Lejona