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ultima h2o

Fountain « H2O »_ Banque de Luxembourg Howald

Created for the Bank of Luxembourg in Howald, patient this water fountain is called « H2O ». The water fountain puts in the forefront the problematic of water consumption in general, cheap and more specifically, treated water in plastic bottles. Through this fountain the employers can quench their thirst with their own thermos’ during the day. A screen is situated at eye level, on which an educational film is shown regarding the composition of filtered water, and the consequence of bottled water. The set is made entirely out of « CORIAN ». It has a filtration system, and a revitalizing catalytic water network. The height of the body « bottle » is 95cm by 35cm wide, and 8 inches deep; the « glass » basin has a height of 50cm by 35cm in width and a depth of 25cm. The “drop”, in the semi polished stainless steel, on the ground has a diameter of 80cm and a thickness of 2mm.

Associated: Dorothee Peeters Interior Architect