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mauro doro

These pages voice a professional career which started in the 90′s, through various projects and achievements to which I have given my full dedication, These are illustrated in the « Timeline ». At the time, as an employee of « Bureau d’Architecture Cavallini », I had the opportunity to work with international renowned architects like Bernardo Fort Brescia « Arquitectonica » and  Jean Michel Wilmotte « Wilmotte & Associés ».

The years 2000 were marked by a period as freelance accomplishing a variety of projects in collaboration with Stefano Moreno  which gave  birth to a deeper cooperation  with the same as associate in « Moreno Architecture et Associés »  until 2012.
The projects I have taken care of during this period  (creativity, development and execution) can be found  under « Gallery ». Many of which are characterized by the creation of specific office furniture, designed exclusively as custom, produced by the most renowned companies in the furniture industry. See the “Design Furniture” window.

Since 2010 a new entity has materialized under the pseudonym below, which continues living and is open to new ideas and perspectives.

below is inspired by the careful analysis of social needs and phenomena with a special attention to the environment. Nature itself is a source of inspiration, which evolves into a design process. Obtaining maximum results with minimum resources and avoiding waste are the prime goals; eliminating the superfluous and imagining new ways of using spaces. A single thought (individual or collective), draws a map of its own, which helps to understand the mental connections between its endless ramifications. When applied to design it find solutions.
The process is linked to a simple concept “looking IN to get it OUT”. An ever-transparent process in which dialogue, exchange and sharing are privileged to become cumulative forces in developing contemporary design for contemporary solutions.

below_creative collective for spaces, interior, design & scenography
« bottom-line creative solutions »



below_studio: Conception and follow of execution for ambiance spaces and design

below_contract: Function of project manager, facility management and logistics                                         

below_furniture: Development of specific and complementary furniture

below_collective: Collaboration and association with other Partners of the sector